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Our Services

We offer an extended range of legal services as well as practical business advice. We have an excellent reputation of providing business counseling, structuring, coordinating and analytical skills that transcend traditional real estate practices. Our clients can depend on our services for their day-to-day business needs, as well as their sophisticated and major transactions. We work attentively to understand your business culture and integrate our expertise accordingly. Every contract, simple or complex, is important to the parties involved. Kipke & Rose works diligently to secure our clients' best interests in the successful completion of every transaction.

Real Estate

The real estate market is one of the most volatile sectors of the economy, and its inevitable cycles mean that successful transactions depend on proper preparation for opportunities and challenges. We give clients the guidance they need to succeed in a competitive and oftentimes risky business.
Our services include:

Business, Commercial, and Corporate Law

Kipke & Rose regularly counsels clients on issues relating to business formation and capitalization. The firm serves as outside general counsel to small-to-midsized clients with a need for corporate legal advice as they establish the infrastructure for future business operations and run day to day operations.

The firm has particular expertise in the formation of new business entities, including the identification of corporate structure appropriate for a client's plans and circumstances, the creation of corporate documentation, and the capitalization of early business operations.

The firm counsels both organizations and individuals with respect to issues associated with establishing a corporate entity, corporate governance and business operations. Clients call on us for help with issues relating to:

Wills & Estates

Although it can be unpleasant to consider the need for will and estate planning, it is very important for the future of your family. Kipke & Rose will be happy to explain and assist you in the preparation of:

Traffic Defense

If you have recently received a North Carolina traffic violation, your next step may affect you and your finances for years to come.  Fortunately, in many cases it is possible to save you the time and aggravation of going to court while at the same time minimize or avoid the negative repercussions that follow a traffic violation.

If you decide to merely pay your ticket and move on, you are pleading guilty.  While this may be the cheapest and most hassle free immediate option, it could lead to increased insurance premiums for the following three years.  Furthermore, even though you don’t plan on getting any more speeding tickets or other moving violations during this year or the subsequent three years, unfortunate events do happen which may put you at risk of having your license suspended.  We believe being proactive upon receipt of a traffic violation is always the best option, and we can help.

Kipke & Rose believes that the opportunity to serve our clients is a privilege we must earn each day.  In the traffic arena, we work to earn this privilege through positive results, up front and honest guidance and being readily accessible to handle any questions or concerns you may have regarding your ticket.  Our goal is to save you time and money.  Most traffic matters can be handled over the phone without you having to miss even an hour of work or waste a minute of your time.  We will diligently work to have your violation dismissed or reduced to a level that will result in lesser consequences.

We understand the frustration of dealing with traffic violations and all the questions you may have concerning insurance, licenses and your driving record.  We are eager to help so please don’t hesitate to call us for a free consultation concerning your traffic matters.  Our fees are competitive and we look forward to putting our skills, knowledge and experience to work serving you.

Sustainability and Green Building

“Green” is no longer just a niche; it is a multibillion dollar industry and Kipke & Rose can help you navigate this ever changing area of law to ensure you maximize the potential gains associated with your green project. 

Both residential and commercial real estate users are beginning to demand sustainable buildings, the government heavily incentivizes green practices and the resulting energy savings are substantial.  Going green now makes sense from both an economic and environmental standpoint. 

Kipke & Rose started its Sustainability Practice based on a deep understanding of the Internal Revenue Code, business structures, finance and real estate.  Using this knowledge, our goal is to provide our clients the tools necessary to profit from the emerging opportunities presented by sustainable development.  Whether you’re trying to enhance cash flow, draw investors to your project, find the equity needed to finance your project, or if you just want to “go green”, Kipke & Rose can help. 

Our Services in the Sustainability sector include:

Every transaction, simple or complex, is important to the parties involved. Kipke & Rose attorneys work to secure our clients' best interests in the successful completion of every deal.